"We are living on a wonderful planet, at an amazing time where each of us can help shape our future by making good choices every day."

Svein Rasmussen
Founder of Starboard

Amazing News!

I have been recently made a Trident Sports and Starboard Ambassador as well as an NSI and rsPRO Ambassador! Two companies that put out amazing products!


I love my Starboard Allstar so much. It is such a versatile board. I have been on several different boards, this is the narrowest, the longest, has the least amount of volume and yet it by far performs the best in all conditions. Flat-water, choppy, upwind/downwind and in the surf, it doesn't matter, this board just performs out of this world.

Mangrove Planting

Starboard is planting a mangrove for every board purchased! Their goal is to plant 100 million mangroves.

- Mangrove is the only tree living in salt water.
- Extremely efficient in mitigating CO2
- Protecting life and properties from extreme weather
- Increasing sea food production by up to 50%
- Filtering and cleaning water
- Providing cooling effect and other ecosystem services for life on earth

I am so proud to be involved with such a wonderful company.